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We Stand Divided: The Rift Between American Jews and Israel

Israel: A Concise History of a Nation Reborn

Menachem Begin: The Battle for Israel’s Soul

Pledges of Jewish Allegiance: Conversion, Law, and Policymaking in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Orthodox Responsa

The Promise of Israel: Why Its Seemingly Greatest Weakness Is Actually Its Greatest Strength

Saving Israel: How the Jewish People Can Win a War That May Never End

Coming Together, Coming Apart: A Memoir of Heartbreak and Promise in Israel

Home to Stay: One American Family’s Chronicle of Miracles and Struggles in Contemporary Israel

If a Place Can Make You Cry: Dispatches from an Anxious State

Becoming a Jewish Parent: How to Explore Spirituality and Tradition with Your Children

Does the World Need the Jews?: Rethinking Chosenness and American Jewish Identity

God Was Not in the Fire: The Search for a Spiritual Judaism

Other Languages

Israel (Romanian)

Israel (Japanese)

Israel (Chinese)

ברית אמונים: גיור, הלכה ומדיניות קהילתית בספרות השו״ת במאה ה־ 19 ובמאה ה־ 20

Израиль: История государства

מנחם בגין – המאבק על נשמתה של ישראל

Менахем Бегин: Битва за душу Израиля

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