Israeli Culture

I am often asked what people ought to read, see and listen to in order to better appreciate the complexity of Israeli society. These are some of my favorites. Some speak of sides of Israel that are less upbeat than others, but to be genuinely involved with Israel means to know what happens here from many perspectives. The suggestions here change from time to time, so check back for additional recommendations.


To understand the hearts and souls of Israelis, you need to know what we’re reading and writing. Want suggestions? Start with these. And come back for more. I change them regularly. View Literature


There’s nothing like film to express the hopes, anguish, fears and dreams of a society. Here are some of the best of Israel’s films, all important lenses through which to see the Israel we really live. View Movies


Often, it’s the music we love that reveals who we really are. Some of my favorites. View Music


Here are some organizations I like View Organizations


Other random stuff I like. View Miscellaneous