The Shalem Center

Since 2007 I’ve been Senior Vice President and Senior Fellow at the Shalem Center in Jerusalem. Until now a think tank at the forefront of Jewish and Zionist thought, education, and research, we’re on course to become Israel’s first liberal-arts college. Our aim: To create a cadre of graduates with the skills, wisdom, and character required to be leading citizens of their state, and committed members of the Jewish people and world at large. If you’re interested in helping ensure the survival and success of Israel in the long-term, check out the vital work we’re doing here.

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There are thousands of fabulous organizations in Israel, doing wonderful social justice work. One of the great ones, a small start up run by (my friend) Levi Lauer, addresses three important issues: victims of terror, righteous gentiles and human (sex) trafficking. Check out their web site. And if you want to make a contribution, there can’t be a better place than here.

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Bema'aglei Tzedek

Bema’aglei Tzedek is another great organization that focuses on social justice.  Some of the issues central to the organization include decreasing the number of Israeli families living under the poverty line; increasing the accessibility of public spaces to the disabled; and preventing the trafficking of women.  The organization awards a seal of approval to businesses and restaurants that respect the rights of their employees and are accessible to those with disabilities.

The Ma’aglei Tzedek Website

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