The Promise of Israel

Promise Of Israel BookWhat Israel’s critics in the West really object to about the Jewish State, Daniel Gordis asserts, is the fact that Israel is a country consciously devoted to the future of the Jewish people.

In a world where differences between cultures, religions and national traditions are either denied or papered over, Israel’s critics insist that no country devoted to a single religion or culture can stay democratic and prosperous. They’re wrong.

Rather than relentlessly assailing Israel, Gordis argues, the international community should see Israel’s model as key to the future of culture and freedom.  Israel provides its citizens with infinitely greater liberty and prosperity than anyone expected, faring better than any other young nation.

Given Israel’s success, it would make sense for many other countries, from Rwanda to Afghanistan and even Iran, to look at how they’ve done it. Most importantly, perhaps, rather than seeking to destroy Israel, the Palestinians would serve their own best interests by trying to copy it.

Critical Acclaim for the Promise of Israel:

This beautifully composed saga magnificently illustrates the historic truth that wherever Jews have gone in history, whether in agony, in prayer, in hope, in tragedy or in triumph, we have always followed our own way, deeply involved in the paths of history but never swallowed up by them – forever belonging to and contributing mightily to world civilization and yet remaining distinct from it – and throughout inspired by the knowledge that Israel is the eternal nation state of the Jewish people.

Yehuda Avner
Author of The Prime Ministers
Former Israeli Ambassador to Australia and the United Kingdom


Passionate and persuasive, Daniel Gordis’ The Promise of Israel is a timely reminder that the idea of a nation-state committed to the flourishing of one particular people is more important today than ever before – and one that offers a valuable model for other freedom-seeking nations as well.

Professor Ari L. Goldman, Columbia University
Author of The Search for God at Harvard


Many of us assume that to be truly free, we must abandon the groups into which we were born and the identities we have inherited. But as Daniel Gordis demonstrates in his book, The Promise of Israel, the State of Israel’s remarkable history is proof that identity and freedom can coexist, that it is identity that makes genuine freedom possible. A powerful and sure to be controversial work, The Promise of Israel presents a dramatic new way of thinking about both the very purpose of Israel as well as about its contributions to human beings everywhere.

Natan Sharansky
Former Soviet prisoner of conscience and human rights activist
Current Chairman of the Executive of the Jewish Agency

Bull’s-eye! Everybody knows how much Israel matters to committed Jews. But in this incredibly original and consistently provocative presentation, Daniel Gordis makes the case why Israel should and must matter to Jews and non-Jews alike, and to every country that aspires to prosperity and even more importantly, to freedom.

Joseph Telushkin
Author of Jewish Literacy and A Code of Jewish Ethics