If A Place Can Make You Cry

cryUpdated and Republished as Home to Stay

Random House / Crown Hardcover
October 2002
In the summer of 1998, Daniel Gordis and his family moved to Israel from Los Angeles. Immediately after arriving in Israel, Daniel had started sending out e-mails about his and his family’s life to friends and family abroad. These missives  passionate, thoughtful, beautifully written, and informative were excerpted in The New York Times Magazine to much acclaim. An edited and finely crafted collection of his original e-mails, If a Place Can Make You Cry tells the story of a family that must cope with the sudden realization that they took their children from a serene and secure neighborhood in Los Angeles to an Israel not at peace but mired in war. This is the chronicle of a loss of innocence. Ultimately, through Gordis’  eyes, Israel, with all its beauty, madness, violence, and history, comes to life in a way we’ve never quite seen before.

* * * * *

A work that dazzles with its nuance as it winds up to sock you in the gut.

Kirkus (Starred Review)

Gordis is a provocative and penetrating observer, and his writings perfectly capture the complex conundrum of a soul in the tense present, yearning for a state of eternity.

Publisher’s Weekly