Coming Together, Coming Apart

CTCAIn 2005, two disengagements loomed large for Gordis. The first was Israel’s pullout from Gaza and eviction of the Jewish settlers it could no longer protect. The second separation was a more personal one: his daughter was drafted.

With his children marching willingly into a future potentially devoid of peace, Gordis peers deeply into the soul of a country where the more people appear bound together, the more completely they’re torn apart.

To read Daniel Gordis’ Coming Together, Coming Apart is to be engaged in an ongoing dialogue with one of Israel’s most thoughtful observers.  His conversational narrative is irresistible.

Alan Dershowitz
Professor of Law at Harvard

It takes a writer of unparalleled sympathy, creativity, and hope,  a writer like Daniel Gordis to produce a narrative that lays bare the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and underscores the toll the conflict takes on every human being it touches.
Whether describing a walk through Jerusalem in snow, a hike in the desert or a farewell family drive to the Gaza settlements, Gordis manages to capture the essential details that tell us the larger meaning of our Israeli lives. There is much irony in this book, and also anger.  Those of us who share his passion are fortunate to be so well represented by this book.

Yossi Klein Halevi, Foreign Correspondent, The New Republic