About Shalem College

For the first time in the Jewish state, an exceptional group of students is joining a conversation spanning millennia—and honing the qualities required of Israel’s future leaders along the way.

buildingIn October 2013, Shalem College opened its doors to fifty talented, highly motivated students who have chosen to dedicate four intensive years to the interdisciplinary study of the liberal arts.

As Senior Vice President and Koret Distinguished Fellow at Shalem, Gordis has played a leading role in designing its unique core curriculum, which includes courses in philosophy, history, Jewish thought, the natural and social sciences, and the arts, literature, and music.

Combined with a community-engagement requirement, which connects the classroom to the world beyond, and the skills in creative problem-solving and effective communication that are the hallmarks of a classical liberal-arts education, Shalem’s graduates will be uniquely positioned to address the challenges facing their country, their people, and the world at large.

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